White Magic Spells

What is white magic? ←Read the previous post to learn about white magic. In short, it’s anything that feeds the unification and connections between separations and dualities. White magic adds true value to the world.

In ancient times, magic was an integral part of everyday life. Nowadays people either stay away from it out of fear, or see it as pure fiction out of ignorance. In fact, things like smartphones, the internet, organ printers, cloning technology, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are all results of modern day magic.

Where are the people who really understand these complex technologies? The answer is nowhere…

What are magical spells?
Spells are used to make wishes come true. To cast a (magical) spell and to spell using words is really similar. Think about it, when we think, we generally think in words, symbols, sounds and images. These are ways to communicate and interact. Everyday a voice in our head talks to us. Maybe so softly we don’t even notice it. This inner dialogue has a huge influence on how we feel and what we send out into the world. Words are energy, like everything else. Our main way to communicate is by speaking. We use words to get what we want.

  • Children are taught not to curse.
  • Curse words can be used to curse someone.
  • Bless words can be used to bless someone.
  • The law is governed by black magic spells.
  • A law is a bunch of words on paper that tell people what they can’t do and what punishments they get when they do it.

If someone tells someone else they can’t walk on the grass, they are more likely to walk on the grass than when there would be an ‘official’ sign with the same command. In this case the written word can be more powerful than a person telling you the exact same thing. Someone told me this recently, and I was baffled. I had to think about it, because at first I thought I wouldn’t be such an idiot. But when I visualized these two scenario’s; one with the sign, and the other with a stranger telling me what not to do, I realized that I might be more likely to obey the sign.

…Subconsciously most people are slaves to the written word.

Examples of white magic spells:

  • A compliment straight from your heart.
  • A few motivational words to help someone.
  • Visualize the people who are important to you and imagine that you hug them.
  • Use positive thoughts, feelings and visions to fuel the gestures you make, the way you walk and the way you talk.
  • Write down a wish for someone else. Take it with you in your pocked, burn it or put energy in it in another way. Don’t tell them about it. Even it comes true.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and say positive things to yourself with conviction.
  • A personal example of a (white?) magic spell, I perform when I smoke a joint. One toke for the trees, one toke for a friend and another for the rain. This is to practice gratitude and to bless who and what’s important to me.

…People who practice gratitude are generally happier.

You can make your own Grimoire or Spell Book. Notice that the word grimoire looks a lot like the word grammar. In my writing book I put positive, powerful quotes and mantra’s. I like to open it on a random page to see what it has to say for the day.

The more I dive into the subject of white magic, the harder it seems to come up with specific examples and practices. If you read my definition of white magic you might understand what I’m talking about. Most magic is black magic. White magic is really simple in theory. Be kind to each other and share what you can. Be courageous and work for the greater good. Doing the right thing, in practice, is strangely enough often the hardest miracle one can make.

…I sincerely believe that doing the right thing is performing a true miracle. And maybe the purest white magic I can imagine.

Do you want to know about Black Magic? What is Black Magic? Click here!

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