What is White Magic?

“Manipulation is not manifestation, that is the difference between black magic and white magic.”

In this post I will dive into the world of white magic. What makes a white magician? What is it exactly? How to perform white magic?

White magic explained.
White magic is when you create something that adds value. White magic is helping others, without expecting something in return. White magic means to act from the heart. There is no ego involved. It feeds the unification and connections between dualities and separations. White magic uses the most powerful energy in our world; primal life energy, which keeps the universe in place. It’s not our power, yet we can get hold of it. White magic is invisible and silent, just like the divine force fueling it.

…It honers life, death and all things.

What makes a white magician?
I am far from being a white magician, so I am not really speaking from a deeper understanding. Yet, I have seen it many times. I felt it enough to have something valuable to say about it. The path of a white magician is perhaps the toughest, most selfless path one can walk.

Qualities and traits of a white magician:

  • A deep love for nature
  • Purity
  • Dedication
  • Knows the difference between good and evil
  • Works for the good
  • Self knowledge
  • Self love
  • Great courage
  • Selflessness
  • Natural healing abilities
  • Discipline
  • Patience

This brings us to the other side of magic, which is mostly black magic. Most people are not disciplined, courageous and loving beings. It’s only natural that most magic in our world is black magic. Take a look at the food industry, clothing industry and the power of big companies and corporations like mcdonalds, facebook and google. That’s some hardcore black magic, influencing the lives and perceptions of billions of people around the world. The power of white magic, is the consciousness and good that fuels it. The power of black magic, is the unconsciousness and evil that fuels it.

…Black magic feeds separations and dualities, whereas white magic feeds the unification and connections between those separations and dualities.

A major effect of social media is that we get more disconnected from each other. That’s why it’s black magic. White magic is natural magic. Black magic can be conceptualized as artificial trickery. But I won’t go into black magic in this post. Just enough to understand what this post is about:


Angelic Symbolism
White magicians are the true angels of our world. They often go by unnoticed. Some are children forever, not even knowing that they’re extremely powerful. Others choose this way of life, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Also the hardest… The rewards are often unseen, even by the practitioner. Your inner world will light up and expand like never before, once you’ve acted out of love. The tricky part is to recognize these inner treasures. To practice gratitude.

Life becomes a practice. No moment goes by without meaning or purpose. Simply because everything either is meaningful, or you make it so.


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