What is Black Magic?

Black magic feeds separations and dualities. It’s not necessarily evil or bad, but people tend to use it for selfish purposes. Selfish is just another word for individualistic. Being selfish can be healthy up to a certain point. I think it’s even necessary to be healthy. The way I see it is that black magic can be used for individual purposes without harming others. You can get what you want from the world, by manipulating the people and the world around you.

This mentality keeps you from experiencing oneness with the world. It keeps you from seeing that you are the world around you. The world is a reflection, especially of your inner unknowns. You only experience what resonates with you; what’s part of you. Black magic gains power from the believe that everything is separate. Real power nonetheless….

Serving the collective tends to help you feel part of a group; part of a whole. So, doing what is best for your friends, family and the world around you is often good for you, the individual, as well. This I call the true individual, which is different than the ego personality. I made another post about white magic, which goes into this. Click here to read it!

What makes a black magician?

  • Hunger for Power
  • Selfish
  • Uses other people’s work
  • Understanding of others
  • Master manipulator
  • NOT necessarily Evil
  • Tends to take from the world
  • Not add to it, like white magicians
  • They decide their own nature

Black magic is convincing others to do something you know they don’t really want to do. Black magic is bullying others for selfish reasons. It is taking from the world, without adding anything valuable. Black magic isn’t inherently evil, but it can be. Evil is often hard to recognize. Something seemingly innocent can have a great destructive effect on the world. That’s why many religions are based on simple, natural values that everyone can relate to. Lying to gain something is black magic. Lying to protect someone doesn’t have to be black magic.

…The Devil is in the details.

…Carl Gustav Jung said something like: The most dangerous weapons are not guns bombs or even nuclear weapons. It is the human psyche. In there are the roots of our behavior and decisions.

Check this post called What is White Magic? And this one for Black Magic Spells and Techniques!

48 laws of power is a great book by Robert Greene. It’s a practical handbook for black magic. Robert doesn’t call it black magic, but according to my definition as described in this post, it is.


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