Effects of Flow

Effects of Flow

Here is a list of the effects of flow. The deeper you are in flow, the stronger the effects will be. In flow, your attention focuses so much at the task at hand, that everything else seems to disappears. Action and awareness merge. Your normal sense of separation fades. Time is experienced differently, or even not at all. Ones sense of self dissolves. After a deep flow experience people generally say: That was amazing! So, only after landing the flow ship people become aware of the beauty and power they experienced just before.

Common effects

  • Action and Awareness merge.

  • Your sense of self vanishes.

  • The inner voice shuts off. This is also called internal dialogue or inner critic.

  • Total absorption in what you’re doing. It becomes your whole world.

  • Your sense of time changes..

  • Near perfect decision making.

  • It feels effortless.

Rare effects
We now understand a lot of what happens in the brain during so called mystical and psychedelic experiences. They have a lot in common with flow. There is proper science done that proves the existence of these phenomena. More and more people are ‘coming out’ with their experiences, partly because there’s the science to back it up.

  • A strong sense of unity that might be so deeply personal that it’s hard to even put in words.

  • Experiencing slow motion, fast motion, time stop or a freeze frame effect.

  • Hearing a voice, telling you what to do; guiding you. This is sometimes described by action and adventure sports fanatics. Listening to this voice saved some of their lives.

  • Feeling like a God. Some people feel extremely powerful and describe it as feeling like a God.

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