Ganja Dream; Up in Smoke.

Marijuana Paradise; a beautiful tragedy.

Someone shouted my name. It woke me up, feeling stressed and scared. Normally that doesn’t happen, and normally she doesn’t sound like this. At first I didn’t even recognize her voice. I got up quickly, and went outside to see what’s up. A forest fire! Leave the cave, now! But where is the fire? I didn’t see anything, apart from some smoke in the far distance.

I tried to wake up my buddy, but he was in a coma from all the blazing. At first I didn’t see the fire, but they told me it spread so fast that the police was evacuating everyone in the neighborhood. They even came to warn some of us in the caves. Airplanes dropped massive loads of water while almost touching the fire. There were a lot of them flying in circles. This was serious… We thought we lost our home and everything else we worked so hard for, including a field full of Marijuana; our ticket to financial freedom. We had it all planned out. This buddy of mine had enough experience and knowledge to radically lower the price of weed in Ireland. They did it before with MDMA (XTC). I don’t use their names, and refer to ‘they’ quit often, because I value my integrity and discretion.

All our blood, sweat and tears, going up in smoke. Is this really happening?

Marijuana and the Law in Spain

A helicopter landed right in the middle of the ganja (marijuana) field. The police was on it’s way. Another friend, who was responsible for most of the plants, was smoking a joint outside his cave, waiting to get arrested. He was sure he was fucked, he told me.

It’s hard to believe all of this actually happened. The helicopter took of, the police warned him about the forest fire, and left. ‘Can you believe it?’ He was so happy and shocked at the same time. This was action movie material, right in front of us, in three dimensions…Now what? What about our genius, nearly fail-proof plan?

Meanwhile we just continued. The police didn’t come back and we all returned to our caves. Our home remained untouched. The fire almost made it to a few other caves in the area. ‘A truly magical place with some divine protection’ satisfied my need for an explanation. It took firefighters almost two days to win this battle with the elements. Not long after anticipating a great disaster, luck was on our side again. We found a place where they trashed garbage bags full of marijuana leaves. We made enough magic oil to fly for months. One time we found over 160 grams of buds in a bin. My partner in crime and I found the perfect guy to sell our share of the treasure. He sold all of it in a few days. Click here to read a somewhat similar story called Green Dream Enterprise.

For a while everything went smoothly. So smooth that a few of us started to worry. ”What if they come back?” After a giant streak of bad luck I moved to the other side of the mountain and left the whole dream behind. I just got that feeling, a gut feeling I guess. It left a hole in my heart. We were super close, and spend whole days together; working, jamming, smoking, eating and philosophizing.


Now and then I came to visit. The plants were getting huge. Sweet Jesus, you could smell them from a mile away, and see them from the road. No wonder the police eventually came to roll up the operation. In this area many people grow weed. It’s no secret. One time we were featured in the local newspaper, like in the picture above. On the front page, with a big photo of my neighbor outside his cave, watering his plants or something. The article says that we are growing marijuana, that we don’t have water and that it’s dangerous to live there. They turned the whole thing around by implying that we are the victims and need (their) help. They want us gone for some years already. For some unlucky outsiders it now appears like it’s OK to destroy our homes. At the moment I’m staying in the Netherlands, but I am still part of these modern day witch burnings. It is where I found my home and my family. I knew about propaganda, but to be inside it is a very strange experience. Luckily the people still live there today. For how long, I don’t know. It’s a matter of time before they shut it down.

A long story short, if you want to grow outdoors, the South of Spain is the place to be. Unless you go crazy with 60 plants right next to the road… My friends spend a night or two in the police station before they were set free. Yeah, that’s right, they got away with a warning. Still, it’s messed up that a few people can tyrannize and bully anyone who doesn’t kiss their ass. The police gets the weed they smoke from the same magic door everyone else gets it from. All day, out in the open, in the center of the city. It’s a big shady system that somehow seems to work for everyone. If you look for weed in Granada, just ask for the door…

If I hear of any big changes in and around the cave life in the South of Spain, I will let you know.

© 21-12-2018
Digital Nomad and Gonzo Journalist
Professional Adventurer, Explorer and Messenger

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