Life of a Digital Nomad

Dear world,

A vision came to me. At first it was a subtle feeling with occasional glimpses of a beautiful future. Over time it became clearer, and so I share my vision with you, like a sigil; a magic spell. As if it already happened, I tell the tale.

Hungry for a great story. Even hungrier for adventure, I decided to set sail to Israel. I heard many conflicting stories. The most positive ones I heard from some twenty people I met from there. In one day you can drive all the way across the country, while entering a completely different environment and climate every few hours. A really cool guy from Israel helped me to put down this Giant Super German who went mad and threatened to kill me and my girl friend. I can call him Super German, because we are friends now. Yeah, that’s for another time. The guy who helped me told me a thing or two about his time in the army of Israel. Apparently he threw a hand grenade at some people… Everyone there has to go to the army for a year if I remember correctly. All this intensity leaves the youth with a lot of energy that needs channeling. And so, many great musicians and other artists pop up like mushrooms in mushroom season. All of this will lead to a great news story, I am sure.

At the time I made just enough money to live cheaply in most countries. I had to sleep outside from time to time, but that’s part of what made it a true adventure. Here in Israel I can afford to sleep in hostels, and I use couchsurfing, which is a free service. How and if I’m going to pay taxes I still didn’t decide…

The first article I wrote is called ‘Israeli Army Madness’. It took of with lightning speed and almost went viral. I still spend time promoting my blog, connecting with people and working on my art. One long term goal is to spend most of my time and energy on expeditions and bigger projects like making documentaries about flow, movement and magic. In the meantime I write about the things I am passionate about, to feed hungry readers and seekers like yourself.

Israel is amazing. The diversity of the environment is truly mind-blowing, at times even psychedelic. Like a dream. I sit here in a shady room in a hostel that might as well be free, since I may be the only customer of their little scheme. I swear to god, I’m gonna leave this place without paying, even if the grim bastards chase me with machetes, or use my hair to voodoo curse the shit out of me. I feel dissociated enough to go sleep soon. No worries. The crazy never die.

I almost finished writing the second and last story about this manic and mythical place. Now I already envision the next expedition to South America, to meet a real shaman, and experience ayahuasca; a powerful spiritual brew. Together with a longtime friend, to help him beat his depression, and for me to meet the great green goddess. Well, that is, after I convince him…

© 19-12-2018
Digital Nomad and Gonzo Journalist
Professional Adventurer, Explorer and Messenger

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