Life, Death and the Universe

Is there such a thing as THE world? Or is everybody living in their own subjective fabrication? If so, who is responsible for the hallucination between these fabrications? Is there a creator? Are we all creators and destroyers? What is birth? How does it work? Some people assume the mystery of birth is debunked by science, and leave death out there, far away, waiting for us. In fact, birth is as mysterious as death.

…These kinds of questions keep me awake during the day, so I can sleep at night.

Have you ever asked yourself the big questions? The ones that mess with your head and can shatter your reality? I don’t mean like skimming over one or two in a magazine or school textbook. If I remember correctly, we had to choose between religion, science or some weird mixture of the two. This was in primary school, when I was about 8 years old.

There were special guest teachers who introduced these new, thought provoking subjects in our school. I’ve always been part of experimental stages in a lot of areas, including school and psychiatry. I guess I’m really weird.

I am right between the generation that was unable to imagine a life with smartphones, computers and the internet, and the generation that doesn’t even know it’s possible to live without it. Technology is becoming a basic need like food, love and shelter. Many of us are Cyborgs already, and the symbiotic relationship we have with technology is going to be necessary for our survival very soon. To live without a smartphone in the modern world is already hard, even for the freaks who don’t mind to be outcasts and to eat from the trash. This I say from personal experience. I am one of those freaks.

You’d be surprised about the waves of wealth in a climate of spoiled tourists and sightseers. Their wealth often spills over into containers, bins or simply put; the trash. Let me tell you something. If you know how to spot these waves of wealth, there’s no such thing as trash.

Where am I heading with this?

If there is such a thing as a world out there, that’s objectively the same for everyone in it, then it might be a good idea to establish a clear consensus of what that world is exactly. Even if there is a shared outer world that’s consistent enough, I don’t believe it’s possible for the collective to agree unanimously. What does this mean? It means that we need to embrace the mystery of life, death and the universe. The mystery doesn’t just begin after death. It is right here, right now. It begins with yourself. Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? What is ‘here’?

I personally like the phenomenological approach, meaning to find some kind of consensus based on collective core experiences. All over the world people seem to learn the same lessons and draw similar conclusions from these often very spiritual experiences. I say life is more spiritual than material. The material world to me, is like an eggshell, or the outer layers of an onion. With courage, discipline, curiosity, patience, flexibility and willpower you can break though these walls, or even walk around them. Terence Mckenna once said that no one is in control. No matter how many walls Trump will build, or how many changes the government and law will undergo, they are more real in our heads than they are ‘out there’. No wall ever stopped people from going beyond it. In fact, it is fear what makes people want to build such weird things. I mean, stacking up a bunch of bricks with clay or cement between them is kind of strange I have to say…

People with power only have some control over people who don’t choose for themselves. Over those who gave their authority away to alien entities. I say alien, because who is it exactly that you hand over your freedom to? You hand it over to a belief, idea or a story. Alien simply means other, unknown or unfamiliar. This might seem like a true horror or ghost story at first, which it is. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction. So much so, that even the prophets, mystics and sorcerers can’t grasp it. In my humble opinion, the truth exists, out there as much as it does in here. It is so fast that it slips right through your fingers. It lasts about an instant. The lucky few who get a taste of this divine truth will be forever hungry for more, or forget about it, like a dream.

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