List of Sorcerers; Performers of Black and White magic

Here is a list of Sorcerers who have great power to shape themselves, their environment and the people connected and close to them. Some already passed away, but I mainly focus on the ones still performing their magic. With other words, they still shape the world we live in. Even the ones who died are still alive in the collective consciousness, and therefor their magic is still being used. There are many more magicians (= sorcerers) who don’t appear in popular media, or very little. That doesn’t mean they’re less or more powerful. I believe that the most powerful magic cannot easily be traced back to the conscious performer who set off the ripples, willfully and consciously. White magic is beyond the ego. It comes through us, but it’s not our own. Only with the utmost respect, care and awareness can white magic be achieved. You don’t gain anything visible or material from it. The ego can’t be fed by it, and in a way is the worst enemy of a white magician. All the people on the list are (or were, in the case of the dead ones) still human. They might have used forces beyond our normal perception and understanding, but they still worked within the laws of the universe. The few exceptions I would ascribe to forces from another world, maybe channeled through these sorcerers. Or using the same energy that holds up the universe, abiding by it’s will, or the will of the whole. God’s will. Many terms describing the same thing.

…Black magic feeds dualities and separations, whereas white magic feeds the unification and connections between those dualities and separations.

According to this definition it’s very hard to say who performs what kind of magic. We need to look at the effect these people have on a much larger scale, and to be able to see subtle changes. In reality, only certain people can see this. I can often see who performs powerful magic. Why do I share this list? Well, it excites me and I’m very curious about what’s going to happen after. I don”t mean to offend anyone. Nor do I mean to ‘expose’ people. It is just my experience and observation.

…To be clear, everyone performs magic. Only very few do so consciously and with great power.

The list:
Jim Morrison (singer of the doors and a poet)
Napoleon Hill (public speaker, author; mainly about success)
Hunter S. Thompson (influential, famous journalist; author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
Terence Mcknenna (public speaker, psychonaut, author; concerning many subjects including psychedelics)
Aleister Crowley
Uri Geller (stage mentalist)
Carl Gustav Jung (psychologist, alchemist, author, seer, psychonaut)
Rudolf Steiner (philosopher, spiritual-scientist, author)
Carlos Castaneda (author and creator of an entire world with many followers)
John C. Lilly (psychonaut, author, brain scientist)
Nikola Tesla (Inventor and Creative Genius)
Jimmy Savile (All over the place; shady character straight out of a comic)
William Blake (poet, painter, philosopher and much more)

Joe Rogan (retired MMA fighter, well known podcaster, comedian)
Jordan Peterson (public speaker, teacher, clinical psychologist, author)
Dan Harmon (Writer of Rick and Morty)
Derren Brown (stage mentalist, hypnotist, creator of mind bending TV-shows, painter)
Elan Musk (Space X, Tesla electric cars and a real life Iron Man, without the suit)
Teal Swan (spiritual teacher)
Jordan Duchnycz (Spirit Science YouTube channel)
Paul Stamets (mushroom scientist)
Reggie Watts (comedian, musician and performer)
Steve Hughes (comedian)
Rob Greenfield (writer, alternative lifestyle promoter and explorer)
Daniel Kelley (author, musician, psychonaut and a great guy)
Jan Zijlstra (healer)
Steven Kotler (flow scientist, author, public speaker)
Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wallstreet; a conman)
Grant Morrison (comic book author, sigil magic master)
Jesus Christ (well educated guess)

…If you don’t choose, someone or something else will do it for you.
A sorcerer knows this and turns it around by choosing for themselves as much as they can.

…The easiest way to kill yourself is to do what everybody else does.
If you don’t choose for yourself, at all, it’s like being dead already. You give all your power away.

…A warrior expects nothing and is prepared for everything.
In other words, a warrior embodies the idea that we don’t know anything, and this uncertainty is part of their everyday perception. On the other hand, it makes them full alive, humorous and brave. A sorcerer needs to be a warrior to guard themselves against temptation, and to use their power for the good. Seers just watch the great performance of life and it’s magic. They find joy in seeing energies dance, sorcerer’s battle and watching the magic unfold…

I wish to make a post about different types of magical people in the future. This includes seers, sorcerers, witches, mediums, prophets, artists, visionaries, healers, shamans and many more. What do you want to know about magic? Let me know in the comment section and maybe I make a special.

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