Voice of the Mother

In ancient times, before the invention of agriculture, complex spoken languages and the birth of the ego, there was a guiding voice. An inner voice telling people what to do. No one questioned it’s purpose, origin and divinity. People just listened to it. I believe this was to protect the balance of the world and to ensure a healthy evolution of the planet as a whole.

This divine being stopped speaking to us when we started killing our roots and destroying nature. Only very few people who are aware of the greatest ongoing genocide in history, and those who raise awareness and are willing to make a difference, might still hear it whisper.

Whisper a message using it’s last breath very carefully. Are you ready to receive this message? Even if it includes struggle and pain? All for a slight chance of changing the world for the better…

I’ll take that chance.
Maybe she starts speaking to me again.
Maybe the world will improve a little.
Just a little…

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