Mind and Body awareness

Why do you workout? What is is so special about shaping your body? Why keep pushing when you’re already healthy and maybe even good looking? Exercising mobility, getting stronger, faster, tighter, more flexible, sexier, bigger, smaller, thinner, or whatever it is that you desire. I think it’s about the chase. The chase of a goal, dream or wish, which are all different words for the same thing. It provides a sense of purpose, direction and clarity. When you gain control over your body, and dedicate yourself to shaping it at will, your mind grows and stretches with it. No wonder it gives so many people so much fulfillment.

…The mind and body are inseparable. They behave as a whole and should be treated like that. The power of positive thinking, stress, mantra’s and visualization is often underestimated, just like the power of the physical body.

Athletes on a very high level also exercise their minds, because they know how important it is. Even necessary. Some might do it quit naturally and subconsciously. Still, the hardware needs to be able to run the software, and when the software updates, it opens up new possibilities for the body. Often when one of them improve, the other goes with it, or at one point has to catch up. You can’t keep overclocking the hardware, just like it’s not wise to keep postponing proper software updates. In this analogy ‘hardware’ symbolizes the body, and software stands for the mind. A balance and alignment of the mind and body is more valuable for both, than being as strong as the hulk, or fast like Lucky Luke.

Contact and awareness
…You get much better results when you do an exercise once, with as much awareness and purpose as you can, than to merely execute a dozen or more.

When I decided to learn to do a handstand, at the age of 19, being lanky, very tall and skinny, I had no idea about the world that I was to enter. My balance was pretty good, or so I thought. What I learned in two years of persistent practice, is that the only thing I needed to learn was how to be more aware of myself. To listen to my body and my mind, To feel as much as I can. Where is my center of balance? Why do I stop breathing when I do a handstand? Why do I look at the floor, and not keep my back straight?

Confidence is key.
Being aware means you know what you’re doing, and why.
Knowing what you’re doing results into more confidence.
More confidence and awareness, result in progress and fulfillment.

So, whatever sport you’re into, it’s a good idea to push yourself enough, but not too much. You want to stretch, but not snap. To aim for a perfect balance. When you can’t do a frog-stand, it makes no sense to go for a handstand. You will not know what you’re doing, and therefore have no way to correct yourself. You want to practice what is withing your reach. This might seem boring at first, but the confidence and awareness you get from following this universal method is greatly rewarding.

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