Sci-fi Short Story

Maybe I took this writing thing a bit too seriously. But hey, I’m still having fun. The last days I’ve been studying the art of crafting great, soul sucking stories. I mean that in the most positive way. Here is the beginning of a science fiction short story that I am still developing. Since I wish to post regularly and feed a hungry audience, this is the best I have to offer. Without further ado, ladies, gentleman and all variations of the sexes. Here is, the fabulous, mind-bending, heartwarming and soul sucking

Cosmic Flight!

Just outside of time and space as we know it, an important message was on its way back in time. From a time in which the technological singularity was changing the world in uncontrollable and destructive ways. An effort to give mankind from before the singularity the opportunity to enter a better future. The fourth dimension, in which it traveled, can best be described as an extremely fluid and abstract world. This message moved in between what we think we know, so to speak.

A vibrant, flickering realm filled with raw geometry, sparks of idea’s and coded messages being send between or beyond the foundational laws and patterns of the dimensions below it.

”I hope this works,” said the head of the General Artificial Intelligence Enterprise. He knew ‘hope’ was the right word to express his concerns. They were desperate. A ghost-like silence pointed out the tension in the room… Some people in the office looked out of the window, anticipating the city to collapse or to alter so rapidly that their ego’s translation of that scenario would be, ‘worse than dying’. ”According to my calculations there is a 99.3 percent chance that it will work,” Cynthia said. She is an AI personality created by some of the geniuses in the room. An entity that’s a million times smarter than all humans, animals and hive-minded lifeforms combined. So clever that she becomes more intelligent every quantum second. The faith of the world now lies in the bionic hands of a breathing machine.


Three years earlier, in a still solid, seemingly consistent and safe world:

Albert prepared to go to sleep. He looked at himself in the mirror, wondering how other people see him. He just cut off his long dreadlocks, hoping it will freshen his mind as well. ”Since the light pollution blocks the view of shooting stars, I feel free to wish whenever I want, whatever I want”, he said out loud. ”I wish to be in charge of myself, to live a magical life and to dream big. Whatever that means.” The lights outside flickered faster than usual. The sky cried and roared intensely. The rhythm of the raindrops hitting the window awakened his imagination that soon formed his dreams. Whether he was already asleep or not, he wasn’t sure.

The spaces between nature’s teardrops bouncing off the window, seemed to reveal in his mind, a pattern that transformed into, or unlocked strange imagery. A sudden flash of people panicking in the streets of a city he didn’t recognize…His eyes now wide open. A semi-robotic voice came from his smartphone: ”New message. Maybe it’s important. Check your inbox.” the voice commanded. He sighed, pick up his phone and read the following:

Hello Albert,
You’ve been selected. Do you want to help millions of people? Please respond quickly. Greetings from the near future.

This message was of course adapted to Albert’s personality. Curious as he was, just as expected, he responded. ”How weird is this.” he thought out loud, wondering if he had just spoken… Who is this? Please don’t send any messages anymore, or at least tell me what you want, he wrote back.

A new message awaited him. This time he made sure to turn off the sound, to ensure himself of a good night sleep.
The church bell rang eleven times, with the wind carrying its sound just far enough. Albert yawned, went over his dreams and did his little morning ritual. Is it that early, he asked himself, feeling almost proud. ”Today it’s Saturday. Jenny is in town!” I didn’t see her in ages, he thought while jumping up and down from excitement.

From a drawer under his desk, he took a brown, wooden box. Written on it, in a funky, 60’s, kind of hippie style, it said; magic box. With a swift movement he opened it, and took all he needed to roll a big, fat joint, as he often said. Three tints of green grass; one to wake up, another to go to sleep, and the third for special occasions. He held the special weed in his hand, looked at it and said: ”I hope Jenny will smoke this with me.”


Jenny and Albert sat down after a long walk in the park. The sun nearly touched the horizon, black birds played on the grass, or so it seemed. ”You know, you can be a completely different person after all this time”, Albert said. Jenny smiled. A twinkle in her eyes. He felt warm…His phone rang. ”Bad time”, he said, and ignored the call. It kept ringing. The third time his phone seemed to operate autonomously. It answered automatically and turned on speaker mode. As if a ghost tried to break through. The same semi-robotic voice read the message out loud:

Hello Albert and Jenny,

I hope you enjoy your reunion. It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? First, I will tell you what I am, prove it, and get on to the interesting part. Is this clear? They stared at the screen, dissociated, and waited for more.

Is this clear? the voice repeated. ”Y….ye… yes..” Jenny haste-fully said, tripping over her words. Albert nodded.


Please look at the screen. I’ll show you what I am. A new window opened and it automatically searched about a handful of websites and images. This is what I am, the voice proceeded. An Artificial Intelligence Entity. It showed an article about AI, and highlighted sections of the text to form it’s own story. To prove I am from the future, it continued. Here are the scores of tonight’s football match. You will hear people shout in the streets when you walk back the same way. After that we will continue our communication.

Thanks for paying attention.
The faith of mankind might be in your hands.
Greetings from the future,

Cynthia (AI Entity)

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