Racism in a nutshell.

Racism in a nutshell.

So, I am a white guy explaining when racism is really racism, to a black girl. You see, black people are superior. Now you might say that’s strange being said by a white buy. But, white people are also superior. So as yellow people, purple, rainbow and transparent people. They’re all superior human beings. Not superiors races. Human beings.

So here is the joke:

When minorities with different skin colors are getting closer to being integrated, the friendly yet nervous way to welcome these strangers slowly turns into a serious insult. I remember a time when we welcomed the niggers or Chinese, just like the Moroccans welcomed me when I came to their part of town to play football with them. They called us the Cheesheads, because the Dutch are famous for their Marijuana and Cheese. The myth about Ganja in the Netherlands is that in reality it’s really a myth. It’s illegal to smoke it and still taboo in many parts of the county. This is why it’s so fun. It’s an exiting process to look for a good place to smoke a joint, where there are no police and no old people. Old people meaning adults. Why does this relate to racism and when racism really is racism? Simple. It’s because most of the time the truth is a lot less serious and fancy than the stories people want to hear at the coffee table. The truth takes courage and empathy. Understanding that some races are in fact different than others, without preconceptions or judgments. This takes heart and a certain intellectual capacity. Yes it’s funny when a white kid says to his potential black friend that his hands look like monkey hands. It’s when it’s not racism, yet. It becomes racism when the parents tell their kids they can’t say things like that. In this case the black kid doesn’t get the opportunity to learn for himself what he feels when he is called the African, nigger or whatever. He also misses the opportunity to express what he feels when someone greets him a certain way.. Among white people you have some so white they are referred to as ‘the pale kid’. This is what happens in nature. A dog can’t know his owner if he assumes he is also a dog.

Some of these natural responses to new and unfamiliar things and people turn into racism when people feel bad when they can’t express themselves how they want to. Instinctive expression through the whole body is replaced by the rational expression through the lips. And when expressing hard feelings is suppressed and cloaked with the excuse that one group of people think another group believe they are better. Or when one group think they are better than another group.

A long story short. Whatever is expressed can only be fully understood and correctly interpreted when you understand the context onto itself and as integral part of that expression without contradiction. To make it even more complex and puzzling I used ‘contradiction’ as singular because there is only one contradiction. That contradiction is everything that implies something is separate from the whole universe. It might be different but not separate. It can be ‘and or’ and/or ‘and and’. It might be as different as rainbow colored half African, half Chinese ancient aliens coming to earth in their flying saucers. We should be able to say: What in the fuck are these strange looking Aliens doing here? In fact, they would probably feel quit alienated in this scenario.

We come in peace!

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