The art of Flying

When you look up to the sky, see birds and other creatures fly, don’t you wonder what it’s like? Why do so many of us have a deep desire to fly? Maybe it’s because of our wish to be free. To transcend. Evolve. Flying symbolizes freedom. Freedom is often associated with an abundance of possibilities. You don’t need to break any rules or mess with the laws of the universe to see and feel these possibilities.

Often we stand in our own way. Judging ourselves as well as others. We criticise ourselves and use our imagination to create obstacles that are often only real in our minds. They alter our perception and behaviour, because we believe it and listen to our own creation as if it’s an outside force like gravity or the wind… When we silence this inner critic and step out of ourselves, it can feel as if you are weightless; flying…Learning to let go of your own limiting thought patterns and beliefs requires a constant dialogue with your ego personality. At first this needs to be done consciously, until it becomes such a habit that your subconscious does it for you.

What inspired me to write about the symbol of flight is a lucid dream I had last night. I was flying over a big lake. It felt so real that it must feel like that in real life, if it were possible to fly superman style. I woke up full of energy, motivation and inspiration.

I am telling you from my experience and the experiences of milions of lucid dreamers from all over the world, flying is possible. Plus, anyone can learn it.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not so hard once you are able to induce lucid dreams. That’s the hard part, developing the skill to dream with awareness. Flying in a more symbolic sense is not limited to the watery world of the night. It can be done in infinite imagined ways. For some their wings are external tools like musical instruments, a canvas and paint, pen and paper, juggling balls or anything else that acts as an extension of their purest passion. Others use their mind and body to dance, sing, jabber, fight, meditate and dream… There seems to be a certain power in using only your naked self to fly. Why exactly, I am yet to find out.

I was addicted to it. Sometimes I crave it, especially in slow passing, seemingly simple days. Rationally I can tell myself tales of the infinity within every moment, but when the feelings aren’t felt to back up such claims, it appears like an empty memory. Dicipline, grit, openness, honesty, courage, strength, flexibility and many more lifelong practices seem necessary to remain on this path I’ve chosen to walk. Well, I like to believe I chose it and that I am in charge, at least of my actions within the chaos of the world. There might always be another rabbit in the hat. Why I stick to any of it, is so the wind doesn’t take me by surprise. I hope it comes to pick me up when I am ready, or dead… May I become dust again, choose the breeze that leads me to the kingdom of heaven, and meet the wackiest comedian in charge. What else can be up there? In the highest of all places, to high for even the birds to reach…

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