Green Dream Enterprise

One day you find 3 garbage bags filled with marijuana leaves and the next day the magic milk business is born. At the time I was taking care of the appartment and plants of a friend. Another friend and I used the kitchen and the leaves we found to make magic milk. We expirimented a lot, creating new flavours using herbs and spices. After every new creation, we drank a bit. The spicy one with cayen pepper was surprisingly tasty! We were quite high, watched the tv show Ugly Americans and envisioned the future of the Green Dream Enterprise. With other words, our magic milk business…

It turned out that our jokery had a magical effect on the world around us. Our childlike approach seemed to have set things in motion. My partner in crime knew some people that loved our product very much. These people knew some more people who loved it so much that we had to think about scaling up this spontanious little hustle and start running a business. It was so fun. We joked about investing in these special bicycles with a big storage space in front (see picture), to go around town delivering the magic milk. I believe this childlike approach was what made it work and what made it so fun.

I remember the rainbow colored test tubes (see picture) we used to display and sample new flavours. The neutral (just ganja) flavour went in the green tube, the spicy one in the red tube, etcetera.

At one point we ran out of leaves, so we were forced to buy weed or hash from a local dealer to continue expanding the Green Dream Enterprise. Unfortunately it became so expensive to produce the milk that we stopped making money. Since we also didn’t lose any money and we had a blast, we continued for a while until it slowly faded. Our efforts to make it work didn’t seem to make a difference. We had nothing to lose, so we quickly accepted it as a tale to tell around the campfire.

I remind myself of this story when I feel stuck or hit a wall. Everything is possible. When someone tells me a crazy stort that is hard to believe, I am now open to the reality of such tales. If we had some more luck or less bad luck, I can easily imagine trucks filled with our product driving around the country. Growing so big that the government has nothing to do but to accept the Green Dream Revolution.

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