Lucid Dreaming

One amazing magical tool I know is lucid dreaming. This means having a dream while knowing it is a dream. From this recognition or lucidity infinite possibilities open up. The word lucid comes from light, which in this context symbolizes awareness.

There is tons of free information available on the subject. If you wish to learn to lucid dream I recommend you to do some research. This article goes a bit deeper into the subject and is not about techniques.

Video about Lucid Dreaming

I recently decided to explore this part of myself again. Since I have lucid dreams naturally, without conscious effort, I have different challenges than someone who needs to start from scratch. As with a lot, if not most inner practices it is very challenging to progress, no matter where you are in the process.

One thing I like to point out is that the outer world is held in place by physical laws, just as the inner world (of thoughts, memories, emotions and dreams) is held up by metaphysical laws, or patterns. Metaphysics are the physics or universal traits of the ‘mind’, which in this context is synonymous to the ‘inner word’. This is an important empirical fact, because that means when we learn to see these patterns we can work with them consciously, and rise above unconscious behaviour.

Truly successful people need to know a thing or two about their emotions in order to be successful. There is a universal pattern here that can only be fully understood when it is experienced and practiced.

Like a bodybuilder explores and learns about their body through physical training, persistence and hard work, so can a lucid dreamer learn about the inner world. This bodybuilder can learn about his emotions while pushing his body to extremes, in the same way a lucid dreamer can explore his body within a dream. This conscious process of turning an idea into something valuable is truly magical.

Interestingly enough, what holds people back in their everyday waking life seems to also hold them back in exploring the world of lucid dreaming. These two worlds, within and without are actually one. One cannot expand one without expanding or changing the other. For example, when you truly expand your inner landscape, it will automatically affect your behaviour and way of looking at the outer world.

Lucid dreaming can be a lot of fun. You can fly, express your sexual fantasies, play god and basically get away with everything, unharmed. On the other hand I didn’t learn anything from having sex or flying all the time. There is a tendency, at least in me, to waste the possibilities, simply because I am not wise enough to withstand my temptations.

After a long break from making a conscious effort to lucid dream I picked it up again. It showed me that I learned a thing or two, because shortly after I started doing the exercises I managed to have a few lucid dreams already. Plus I managed to take a step back and talk to a girl instead of being a slave to my animal desires. This really motivates me to keep exploring different parts of the inner world while still having fun. I feel it’s a part my mission in life to go where most people never go and take what I’ve learned back to integrate and share it with others.

It’s insane that people don’t see the power and importance of the psyche. As Carl Jung said, the most dangerous thing in the world is the psyche. Not nuclear weapons, guns or anything like that. It is our capability to detonate the bombs and pull the trigger. On top of that someone first cooked up that idea in the inner world, before they actually build these weapons. I believe it’s more important than ever to reveal this knowledge of the inner world and the human psyche.

Maybe these spiritual trends or sudden interest in things like meditation and yoga come from a subconscious understanding of the impact the inner world has on the outer (physical) world. Everyone knows it is a real world, but somehow many of us are hypnotized by the magic tricks of modern science. Anyone who thinks, feels and dreams knows this inner world has a great impact on the outer world. Lucid Dreaming can help people to revive long lost ancient wisdom and maybe even make the world a better place in the process.

In another article I will dive into the human imagination. What is it? How does it relate to our dreams? Why is it that people don’t value this miracle that is responsible for the human enterprise? One of cities, societies, roads, technology, art, poetry, dance and the list goes on and on…

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