First wave

First of all, I would like to dive in straight away with the definition of magic that I will use to guide the course of this little enterprise.

Magic is the bridge between the immaterial and material world. From mind to matter, ideas to things, from the inner world to the outer world. From one person to see to share with many.

Some of the subjects I will cover include art, philosophy, alchemy, psychology, (lucid) dreaming, shamanism, mind & body training, symbolism, language, music, flow, mythology, dance, the circus, psychedelic experiences and spirituality. With ‘spiritual’ simply meaning things related to spirit or mind. The words mind and spirit I both use to refer to anything related to the inner world of thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams and perception.

Everyone is spiritual. To say you are not is to say that you don’t think or feel at all. For sure many people forgot about the wealth of this inner realm. I will clarify things to shatter certain taboos and like Terence Mkenna, ‘a well known figure in the world of psychedelics’, make an effort to revive ancient knowledge. What he called the Archaic Revival.

Thanks for being here with me. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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